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Asagia Realms aim to please our community and those who support us, if you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ or send us your questions/suggestions!

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Contact Us Privately

InsidiousX Email

Tm33z/Crumbs Email

Asagia Email

Social Media

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  • What do I do in Asagia Realms?
    WHATEVER YOU WANT! (As long as the rules are followed) Make Friends, Test out the other Minecraft servers, bug the mods in game for fun. Whatever you please! Don't forget to have fun!
  • Do I need to do anything specific for Asagia Realms?
    NO! We do not discredit anyone for inactivity etc. NO REMOVALS will be given. We believe that your life and person is more important, PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! IF YOU WISH to become a Staff Member, Please review the Staff FAQ (next tab over) and or ask within the Discord to one of our current Staff Members. (Contact Page has a link to Mod Application!)
  • I have a task/job but I don't know what to do
    Having a hard time understanding what is required to complete your task or job? Don't hesitate to reach out to an Owner or Admin for assistance.
  • Staying Organized?
    Making a Task List or To-Do List can be a good way to help keep track of various tasks you may be assigned.
  • Needing a leave of absence?
    We understand that everyone has a life outside of what we do here and that has to come first. Just make sure to fill out the Leave of Absence form below to notify administration of your pending absence.
  • Have a suggestion?
    We want to hear from you! All suggestions are welcome, please post all suggestions in the (SUGGESTIONS) chat in Discord. OR go to the Contact page, and submit a "Suggestions" Form.
  • Need Assistance to resolve a ticket?
    If you are having a hard time completing a server ticket for a player, don't be afraid to reach out to another staff member for assistance;
  • Trouble logging in to our Website or Server Panel?
    If you are unable to login or reset your password for either our Website or Server Panel, please reach out to an Owner or Admin for assistance restoring your access.
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